Vacation At Your Own Risk With Independently Owned VacationRentals

February 8, 2005 Norfolk, Virginia ? Independently owned vacation rentals often have cheaper rates than those operated by rental management companies. However, those extra dollars spent on the agency-represented rental buy the vacationer peace of mind that the rental is legitimate and adequately maintained. Agency-represented vacation rentals prevent travelers from being victimized by fraudulent rental transactions booked online or via telephone.

In today's high-tech society where anyone can build a website or take pictures of someone else's property and pass it off as their own, online travelers need to be wary and cautious, or else they'll end up paying a scammer for a service they'll never receive. Other qualities that vacation home renters can expect from an agency-represented property include cleanliness and upkeep. These properties are more apt to have updated repairs on the building and its appliances than others.

Real estate agencies have housekeeping and maintenance services at their disposal, so their rental properties are cleaned and repaired much more quickly than an independently owned rental. With so many vacation rental websites advertising rental properties by independent owners, is one of the only websites that advertise vacation rentals by both independent owners and rental agencies. Like every other Trader Electronic Media website, each independent property on RentJillsHouse.

com is researched and verified by a fraud prevention specialist. is the ultimate online solution for locating vacation rental homes and properties. The site is user-friendly and offers information on over 10,000 vacation rental houses in popular U.S. destinations ranging from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to Lake Tahoe.

The website's purpose is to bring vacation homeowners, rental agents and vacationers together through the ease and convenience of the Internet. Headquartered in Norfolk, VA, is part of Trader Electronic Media's family of over 15 websites, which includes Trader's high-traffic websites receive millions of visitors each week. The sites cover virtually every used vehicle and general merchandise category, including apartments, homes, employment and hotel lodging.

These include and

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By: Jackie Moniot


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Vacation At Your Own Risk With Independently Owned VacationRentals - February 8, 2005 Norfolk, Virginia ? Independently owned vacation rentals often have cheaper rates than those operated by rental management companies.

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