America's 400th Anniversary Signature Events

In 2007, America will commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, the first permanent English speaking settlement. Listed below are events various communities are holding in association with the anniversary.



When:   May 2006 through July 2006
Where: Alexandria, Va.   -  May 28  through  June 4
               Baltimore, Md.    -  June 9    through  June 12
               Philadelphia, Pa. - June 16  through  June 19
               New York, NY.     - June 27   through  July 6
               Boston, Mass.     - July 14    through  July 19
               Newport RI.         - July 25    through  July 30

America's 400 th Anniversary launches with a 90- day sail of a newly commissioned replica Godspeed , bringing a bit of American history to six major ports along the eastern seaboard.

Godspeed, one of the three original ships that in 1607 brought America's first permanent English colonists to Virginia, our nation's birthplace, will serve as a floating museum for families, students and tens of thousands of visitors.  We invite you to come and explore a sampling of 17 th -century Virginia... 21st century style!

Join in the excitement as the "Landing Party" - featuring live music, children's entertainment, historical and cultural displays highlighting the legacies of Jamestown and the growth of America -- all within a 20,000 square foot festival area docks at a port near you.

Tentative ports of call include Alexandria,Virginia/Washington DC; Baltimore, Maryland; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New York, New York; Newport, Rhode Island; and Boston, Massachusetts.

Check our web site regularly to find out the times and dates that Godspeed will be sailing in 2006 and then make plans to visit one of the ports of call or take advantage of this moment in time by visiting Virginia in 2006 and 2007! 


Virginia Indian Symposium
When:  October 2006
Where: TBD

Members of Virginia's Indian tribes will host a symposium featuring  nationally known Native speakers from across the United States.  Presenters and panel discussions will address a variety of topics such as sovereignty, federal recognition, healthcare, repatriation, and education.  In addition to public discussions, private meetings will be held for tribal leaders to share information and tribes from other regions of the country will be invited to set up historical information booths and showcase their tribal culture.  Leaders will also visit Virginia tribal centers. 

American Indian Intertribal Cultural Festival
When:  July 2007
Where: TBD

Virginia Indians tribes will showcase the various cultures of American Indian nations through a three-day American Indian Intertribal Cultural Festival.  Focusing on the contributions and cultures of Virginia Indians, the festival will highlight the similarities and differences among Virginia tribes as well as those tribes located in other regions of the country through native foods, dances, traditional stories, arts and crafts, cultural demonstrations and historical information.  Activities will include craft demonstrations, musical performances, storytelling, dancing and native foods. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the histories and distinctive ways of Indian life through exhibits that showcase tribal culture.


When:  October 19 -22, 2006
Where: Historic Yorktown, Virginia

The nation was born at Jamestown and liberty was secured 174 years later just 25 miles away at Yorktown. Join revolutionary-period re-enactors as well as active military units from the U.S. and around the world in this four-day salute to the men and women in uniform centered on the 225th anniversary of the victory at Yorktown. 

Events being planned include:

  • Patriotic observances on Yorktown Day October 19, 2006
  • An encampment featuring thousands of reenactors demonstrating 18th century military tactics
  • A juried art show, festival of music and tall ship displays along Yorktown's Riverwalk Landing
  • A "Salute to 400 Years of Men and Women of the Armed Forces," with military parade and band concerts.

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