The People in Southwest Texas are Sure Nice Folks

Recently while traveling around the United States of America, I found myself discussing what everyone who lives in Southwest Texas and has ever traveled outside the area already knows; Darn those are nice folks who live in Southwestern Texas.I said to the gentleman there who emailed me after I had left; "Greetings. Well I am now pretty far from there by the time I got your email. But I appreciate that. Nice town you have there. Nice folks; Too nice in fact.

You see; Being from Los Angeles well you kind of get use to people flipping you off while talking on the cell phone with the other hand and honking their horn with their elbow as their middle finger is out their BMW sunroof. Go figure?".During my visit I said to myself; it is often hard to handle all the nice folks in West Texas, what a difference compared to Boston, LA, Chicago, NYC, Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami and Denver? We pulled into that town at 2 am late one night and two gals sitting outside a C-store gave us directions to the Wal-Mart so we could park our RV for the night. Nice people I tell you.

Well I am retired now. Have been to every city in the country over 10,000 people now. Great country, more people need to know this fact and people need to know you always have friends in Southwest Texas. If you want to talk with nice folks my advice to you is cruise down to Texas and see for yourself. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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