London Vacation The Sandwich is Tops at Lunchtime

Although the idea of the "sandwich" (meat and bread, eaten together) has been around for centuries, the term we use today comes from an 18th century English nobleman named John Montagu, sometimes spelled Montague, who was the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Folklore tells us that he gambled for long periods of time and asked for meat and bread to be brought to him so he could stay seated at his card game and, naturally, so he could keep his cards in one hand at all times. The real story is probably much less exciting and, being a busy man, he probably ate his "sandwiches" at his desk while he worked.While fast food burgers take the top spot for hurried American lunches, pre-packaged sandwiches are the top choice in the U.K In the 21st century, residents of London consume thousands of sandwiches every day during the lunch hour.

According to the British Sandwich Association, nearly 2 billion sandwiches annually are sold "on the go" at an average price of 1.66 (1.83 in the capital city).

There are several locations in which to purchase a packaged sandwich:.Specialty sandwich shops such as EAT and Pret A Manger are becoming increasingly more popular and more widely available. So-called "designer" sandwiches such as turkey and cranberry, crayfish and rocket, and smoked salmon and egg are appealing to the public's taste for something different, while favorites like BLTs and egg mayonnaise are still available for traditionalists. Chicken is still the top sandwich filling in the U.K.

(according, once again, to a report recently published by the British Sandwich Association).Supermarkets are also convenient places to purchase ready-to-eat sandwiches. Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury's and Tesco (as well as many corner markets and convenience stores) keep a wide range of fillings and flavors. Even Boots drug stores now carry a range of healthy "Shapers" sandwiches with reduced salt, fat and additives.Finally, there are over 100 Subway stores in the greater London area.

The familiar sandwiches from here in the States are available with the toppings and vegetables that you want, made while you watch. They're not pre-packaged, but they're quick and affordable.If you're traveling as a tourist in London, a sandwich is not only the economical way to eat during the afternoon ? it's also the popular way.

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By: Constance Parker-Street


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