America's 400th Anniversary Signature Events


When:   November 9, 2006
Where:  Broadcast / webcast from Historic Jamestowne and Jamestown Settlement to schools across the nation.

Imagine school children across the nation gathered together in one giant classroom for a powerful and compelling history and civics lesson on the birthplace of our nation and its founding principles. Through the magic of technology such an 'electronic classroom' will be created for students to experience the story of America's first permanent English settlement at Jamestown, Virginia and its impact on modern American society.

Broadcast live from Jamestown Settlement museum and Historic Jamestowne - the original landing site, students and educators will have a 'first hand' learning experience of the historical significance of Jamestown and the impact of the traditions, interactions and contributions of the three cultures that originally came together at Jamestown � Virginia Indian, European and African �  on the creation of a new nation.

National Symposium
When:     February 10, 2007 
Where:   TBD

The African American Advisory Council in partnership with Jamestown 2007 is planning a National Symposium to focus on 400 years of African and African- American contributions to American society.  Each of the five historically black colleges and universities in Virginia will host individual symposia at their college or university to focus on the mulititude of 'imprints" (i.e., spiritual, political, cultural,) African Americans have made on modern America.

Cultural Exposition
When:    July / August 2007
Where:   TBD

In the summer of 2007 the Council is planning a cultural exposition to showcase the many areas of significant contributions of Africans and African Americans in every area of American society over the past 400 years including but not limited to Education, Sciences, Arts, Culture, Music, History, Business, etc.  Partnerships with existing exposition/festival organizers is currently being sought.

Trailblazer's Awards Gala
When:   March 2007
Where:  Richmond, Virginia

A nationally televised celebration, recognition and tribute to African-Americans whose contributions have made a significant impact and helped to pave the way for future generations. Sponsor - (Richmond Region 2007 Community)


Where: Along the Chesapeake Bay and James River

When:   A pril 26 - 27  Virginia Beach
              April 28 - 29  Hampton
              May 4 - 5       Newport News
              May 6             Claremont and Surry County

Take a step back in time as the replica Godspeed  sails from the Chesapeake Bay up the James River re-creating parts of the original route sailed almost 400 years ago.

Come aboard as she docks and enjoy the festivities, music, art and cultural activities planned by communities along the river and bay as Virginia Beach and cities throughout Hampton Roads showcase their community's unique heritage.  Check back regularly for events planned for each area.


When:   Spring 2007 - Winter 2008
Where:  Jamestown Settlement Museum, Williamsburg Virginia

A special exhibition at Jamestown Settlement theater and special exhibition building, places America's first permanent English colony in a global context, portraying a larger world of discovery, strife, expansion, innovation, artistic expression and cultural exchange. 

Be a part of the opening in the Spring 2007 when major artifacts from collections around the world are placed on display, including a 15th-century copy of Magna Carta and a 16th-century African ivory carving from Denmark that is the first artifact of its type to be incorporated into a European museum collection.  

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