Cleveland Golf

Cleveland is a golfer's paradise. You and your friends and family can chose from nearly 300 golf courses! Gold courses are literally everywhere ? there's almost never a need for reservation. You can play anytime you want.Golf enthusiasts often compare Cleveland golf courses to those found in golf's hometown itself ? Scotland. The landscape of Cleveland makes it the ideal place to swing ?for three times less than regular golfing rates in other states.

Impeccable landscape. Cleveland golf courses are known for perfect greens. They are all typically well-maintained, especially the ones that play hosts in major golfing events such as the US Open. Expect nothing less than pristine fairways and challenging roughs ? everything an avid golfer needs.

Full-service club houses. Most Cleveland golf clubhouses have beautiful clubhouses that feature posh restaurants. The meals are prepared by fully-trained chefs. You can request special courses if you are on a strict diet ? just be sure to let them know days before your arrival.

First-class Cleveland golf clubhouses also have spas and other deluxe amenities. Relax after a long day in the golf fields with massage sessions (usually free, depending on your golf package). Most Cleveland golf clubhouses also have play areas where kids can romp, so you can leave them while you swing.Unbeatable prices. Playing golf in Cleveland is much cheaper than playing golf in other states.

The most you would probably pay for basic golf fees and golf cart rental in a first-class Cleveland golf club on a weekday is $ 70 ?two to three times less than what you would pay for the same service in another state such as Arizona, for example. The average Cleveland golf rate in standard golf clubs and resorts is only $30 for 18 holes and a cart ? the lowest in the country.

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By: Steve Valentino


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